Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dang! The kid can read.

Beren's kindergarten teacher sent home a booklet today with Beren that he was supposed to read to us. The booklet is designed to match whatever reading level they've tested him at: Level P. Whatever that means. Nevertheless, we were impressed with the results. Mind you he just got the book this afternoon. He also got something in his eye during the video, but he kept plugging away ;).


  1. Chlorophyll? CHLOROPHYLL?? Are you kidding me? I think "Level P" is code for "there's no other kid in even close to this level in Kindergarten." Amazing!

  2. Yes...amazing! You've got quite the kid there!

  3. UNBELIEVABLE... perhaps.... if I hadn't noticed about a year ago that he was reading as well as me!!


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