Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thanks Honey!

For those of you who don't know, I love to garden, but my sad little patch of ground at my house is too shady to produce much.  So this year for Christmas, Eric secretly purchased me a plot of land at the community gardens over by City Hall.  It's amazing what a difference a little sunshine makes.

This is from just one trip to the garden this week.  This isn't even all of it.  When I took this picture I had already eaten the green beans for lunch and put the carrots into a soup for dinner.

Art Smart

For the Regional Day of Service, our stake decided to help renovate the Imagination Station park structure and grounds.  I was the team leader for getting the woodcarvings painted (they were just brown wood before) and ran around like a crazy person, trying to supervise 6 different painting projects while my men leisurely worked on their chosen canvases.  Didn't they come out amazing though?   I am quite proud of both my guys.
Eric's Masterpiece:  Dragon Fang

Beren's work was a little more abstract, but just as well executed.  He worked on this panel with scout friend Alex Paurus.

My Best Friend's Wedding

End of ceremony smooching performed by my best friend from high school, Douglas Mitchell, and his lovely Bolivian bride, Shadia.
L to R:  Jonny Hofmann, Dianna (Dolan) Fontez, Heather (Blanchard) Mowrer
These were two good buddies from my school days who I still love to hang out with.  We had a wonderful time at Doug's wedding.

Blanchard Family Camping Adventures

I learned about all kinds of edible berries on our ranger walk and decided to make a berry sauce out of them for the cake I was making for dessert.  Eric thought I would poison us all, but I didn't.  The sauce was made from wild strawberries, thimble berries, salal berries, Himalayan blackberries, and red huckleberries.  Yum!

My brother Reid and his little son, Brady, out on the dunes.

 Aunt Theona and Aunt Melissa spent most of their camping trip feeding their ravenous offspring :)

Swimming in the Sandy Lake at Honeyman Campground is the best!  This is Beren with Uncle Matthew, Aunt Holly, and Cousin Landon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good thing the dog is pretty 'cause she ain't too bright

So I needed to ripen up the cantelope a bit for the BBQ that was coming up.  I thought leaving it on the deck in the sunshine might do the trick.  Instead, I came home to this.  No doubt Pandora thought it was a ball and then realized it had a fragrance and then, well . . . all roads lead to edible.  Aren't canines supposed to be carnivores?  Will someone please explain this to my dog?!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


It's an oldie, but a goodie.  Time to share these magnificent photographic gems with the world!

We're Back... Soon!

We are preparing to resurrect this blog. Be prepared for wily shenanigans and hilarious hijinks to ensue. Is anybody still out there?