Monday, July 26, 2010

The puppy has spawned much new material

Referring to the dog opening her mouth to receive a toy:
I like when she just opens it like she's a space station and there's a ship coming through.

More about the dog:
Beren: That sound she makes with her claws is really handy.
Mama: How so?
Beren: It tells you where she is and how fast she's going. "ticka, ticka, ticka = bullet train! Tick, tick, tick, means she's going slow.

"Mom! I kissed Pandy on the lips and she kissed me to at the exact same time! I'll never take a bath again!"

Our puppy was lying in the sun in a rare moment of quietude:
Mama: Wow, she's really floppy right now, but she can be feisty and frisky in the mornings.
Beren: Yeah. But lately she's been more frisk than feist, so that's good.

While hugging Pandora as she single-mindedly consumes her kibble:
Beren: Wow, there's nothing like a little food to take the edge off a dog!