Sunday, November 16, 2008

Unconditional Love

I was a little irritated with Beren tonight when he showed up at the bathroom door needing to use the potty a mere two minutes after I had sunk down into a hot bath. "Beren, I grumbled, you knew I was coming in here. Why couldn't you have gone potty then?" "When you first came in here, I didn't feel like I had to go," he patiently explained. "Right!" I snorted. "Mama," he replied. "I love you. Even when you're difficult!"

The Public City Transit Bus

So awhile back Beren got a video called "There Goes a Bus." It is a real-action documentary type show for kids that explains all about how buses operate. To ride one of these buses became Beren's fondest dream. Whenever we would see one he would gaze with longing and sigh deeply and meaningfully from the backseat. So yesterday, we decided to grant his strange little wish. We planned a bus trip into Portland to Powell's Book Store. On the way there Beren explained all the features of the bus to his neophyte parents. Eric has some experience with public transit but I am a complete innocent. Anything Beren couldn't recall from the video he asked our fellow passengers. He was especially delighted with the experience of pulling the cord to let the driver know our stop was coming up and with exiting out of the rear doors on our return journey. After book shopping we all got hot cocoa and cookies at a nearby shop. It was a great day!

Great minds . . .

So check it out. These are the pajamas Holly (my sister) and I picked out for our sons completely independent of each other. We only discovered the similarities when she and Landon came to stay overnight with us last week. Crazy, eh?

Beren's classroom

After trick-or-treating

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pilgrim Problems

Mom: Well, Halloween is over now. What holiday comes next?
Beren: Um ... Christmas?
Mom: No, before that, in November.
Beren: Thanksgiving!
Mom: That's right. And what do we celebrate at Thanksgiving?
Beren:(long pause)... Chicken!