Friday, January 9, 2009


The day after Beren's Blanchard grandparents returned to Las Vegas, he emerged from the bathroom holding a paper cup with grandpa's name on it:
Beren: I want to keep it.
Mom: Uh . . .well Bear, I think Grandma said that Grandpa had a bit of a cold so I'm not sure if you should use that cup.
Beren: I don't want to drink out of it, I want to keep it! Like as in a museum.

A couple of weeks ago when I came into the kitchen after rising I saw a paper towel on the counter covered with with a huge mound of rainbow goldfish crackers.
"Beren, I said, "What is this?"
"You don't know?" he asked, incredulous.
"No," I affirmed. "You wanted a snack?"
"No. It's for Santa."
"Um, you know it's not Christmas yet, right?" (The fish were covering the writing when I first looked)
"Yes. I wanted to do it early. I thought it would entertain me."

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