Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Berenisms summer 2009

Mom turns on a CD in the van while family is driving down the road. Beren starts tapping away and humming. A minute later, Dad turns it off.
Mom: Hey! Beren was listening to that!
Beren: It's okay mom. It's not a major crisis.

Sometimes I make Beren remove his shirt if dinner is messy and the probabililty of spills is high. Anticipating the giant pan of red sauce chicken enchiladas, I said, "Beren, you'd better take off all your clothes. Get buck-naked for this one." I was only joking, but when I turned around, Beren was seated at the table in his underwear. His father, eyeing him with amusement, picked up the ball and ran with it. "Son," he admonished, your mom said buck-naked. Why are you still wearing your undies?" Beren, surveying both of us through slitted eyes, balefully replied, "Best I can do."

As part of my new seminary calling, I made a slide show type presentation of photos set to catchy music to introduce myself to the students on the first day. If I was looking for praise from my son, I was sorely disappointed. After viewing the video, he turned to me and inquired, "Are you sure this music is appropriate for church?"