Thursday, April 18, 2013

We love our new house !!!


We were reading scriptures during breakfast this morning and Grandpa Blanchard was over. He and Beren were eating their Malt-O-Meal while I read aloud about a battle between the Nephites and Lamanites.
Mama: Beren, how did the way the Nephites prepared for battle help them win?
Beren: Huh? What do you mean?
Mama: Think about what they were wearing. What did the Nephites wear into battle?
Beren: Oh . . . shields, helmets, armor.
Mama: Right. And what did the Lamanites wear?
Beren: . . . . Weepee covers?
Grandpa laughed so hard at this euphenism for "loinclothes" he almost spit cereal across the room.
While riding a bike at Grandma and Grandpa Blanchard's, Beren confided to his Uncle Reid, "Sometimes when I ride this bike I imagine I'm riding a motorcyle and that it's liscensed in both Oregon and Washington."
PS:  Shortly thereafter we made his wish a reality.  Well, the licsence plate part.  Nine is a little young for a motorcycle.


 Beren's campfire cake that he designed for the Blue and Gold Banquet cake contest.  It won "Best Camping  Scene."

I am a Webelos leader!  Beren is a Bear Scout right now, but will join my den in May.


Antipasto appetizers.  Yum!

My father-in-law ought to be the poster child for class.

This is our first big dinner party in our new house on our big table.  So cool!  I had to use paper plates though because no way am I doing dishes on my birthday ;)

Making this birthday extra-special, Aunt Lois and Uncle Dave were in town  from New Jersey, and were able to join us for the evening.

Brenna's Wedding

The Mowrer Clan 

Amy made her daughter's wedding cake, a true act of love :)

Game time!  Scott is probably giving the camera the stink-eye because he is losing.
To me.

Beren and cousin Drew being pinned by Uncle JD.  Isn't family time heart-warming?

Eric's Dream, No Longer Deferred

After long searching, we found these huge wardrobe closets at Ikea and Eric declared them the final resting place of his prized Euro-Board Game collection.  I was just tickled to get something with doors that slide closed.  Woohoo!

Did Eric's Genes Eat All My Genes?

Mad scientists at work.

I can't tell you how often I am sitting there bored out of my mind while they do this.

Something tells me the original Native Americans didn't need a power bar  and 5 cords to power their teepee.
Beren's Grandpa Jim gave him a computer to play around with and Beren is delirious with joy.  In case you've never seen it up close, this is one of the rare occasions when your introverted child will act like a giddy extrovert.  Gabbling like a maggpie about all its features and programs and making plans faster than he can tell me about them.  He could barely sleep that night.  I love him, but in some ways, he is a mystery to me.


Eric's sister, Beren's Aunt Amy, got wind of Beren's collecting habits and did him proud.
 Though not in this picture, she even got him one from India!

The Blanchard grandkids: (L-R) Carter (Matt and Theona's) Beren (ours), Brady  and Avery  (Reid and Melissa's) and Landon (Holly's).  They had a wonderful time together in Las Vegas as we all celebrated Christmas at Matt and Theona's house this year.  They also took turns sharing the stomach flu.  There's more than one way to make a memory ;)

If I could, I would live in pajamas.  At Christmas time I mostly do.  It's my gift to myself.

December 2012:  We has some great events leading up to Christmas even though it was crazy getting ready for the move.  We thought is was so nice for the ward to throw a Christmas party to honor our departure (J/K!)  Beren and I sang in the choir.  This is a major victory for me.  So far Beren favors his dad's hobbies and interests, but this is my foot in the door.  If I can get him to sing in front of people who knows what might be possible---Broadway?  Who can say?