Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Peeps

One big happy (geeky) family. Heather, Eric, and Beren. Thank you mother for sewing most of that. Those cloaks are HAWT!

Speaking of hawt.... I can't figure out where this is, but it's definately Heather and Beren.

This is the park near our house that Beren likes.

This is the deer that decided it would be a good idea to wander into my neice's back yard and let her pet him/her. My neice is Amber.

This is Heather's brother, Reid. That is not the back of Beren's head.

This is another brother of her's, Adam.

Those are definately NOT wigs and fake tatoos and they DO always wear sleavless shirts that say things like "I cut the cheese in Wisconson." Pay no attention to the fact that that's an ... um ... canival in the background.

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