Wednesday, February 28, 2007

BFF: Dave and Becki Brallier

Eric and Dave eating dinner at Marrakesh, an authentic Moroccan restaurant.

*sniiiiiiiiiiif* Ahhhhhhh! (inside joke alert)

Women folk sitting on the floor, as it should be. Beckeye and Heather.


  1. Dude, how long have we been friends? My name is spelled with an "EYE" I mean "I". Thanks Aryc!

  2. By the way all who read this.... I was pregnant when we went there and they still made us sit on the floor.

  3. Whatevs, Rebecci. Don't hate me for it. We're still friends, right?

  4. Nothing a simple at a misspelled name could break the bonds of our friendship. By the way, I loe the inside snnnnniffff joke. Man that was fun!

  5. Heather is so pretty!


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