Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hurty Things

They hit our car.... again... for the 4th time. I have no proof of who done it. This is really getting old.

The passenger side front door hardly closes now. Weeeee! Now it's an adventure to ride over there.

Speaking of broken. Beren fell off a ladder at the play ground and broke his arm. As you can see in his... um... x-ray, this is what doctors and children alike refer to as 'hurty'.

At about 7:15 on Thursday night, we took him to the emergency room. They took a look and said "Yep, it's hurty. Only, we can't fix it. You need to go to the special hurty hospital that fixes hurty things."

I'm not sure why I'm surprised, seeing as how we hit no less than 3 hospitals when he was born. This is a pic of him after they put a splint on in the first hospital, then went home to not sleep for the night, then returned Friday afternoon to the special "we fix hurty things" hospital.

They had to put two pins in his arm, because of the type of break. It wasn't that the bone was shattered or anything, just that it's hard to keep this kind set without them.

This is his window. You can't ask for better than this. The ambulances come in, as you can see, right there. What you can't see, is that there is also a helo pad right there, about 10 yards to the left.

This is the limo ride out to the front door. I presume that is one of his nurses... or it could be some random lady with scrubs and stethoscope that wanders the children's ward of the hospital and poses for pictures with total strangers.

Our neighbors had a little treat for him when he got home. Look at that smile.

"Hey mom... my face is getting tired from this over the top smile... hurry up and take the picture!"

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  1. Well I am so glad to see that you guys are home now. Thanks for calling me back, i mean just because your kid broke his arm...jeez. Just kidding. I really am glad you all are ok...except for the car I guess....oh yeah and Beren's arm...I'm goinf to stop typing now.....


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