Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Beren: "I love you, Mom."
Heather: "I love you too, sweetie."
Beren: "I just really love you so much... I need to know... why did you and daddy get a Ford and a Geo?"
Heather: ... *boggle* ...


  1. By the way, Beren has moved on to Make AND Model now. By the time he's 5, he's going to be able to tell you what tail light configuration an LX has as compared to an LS, etc. He's one of those 'dynosaur kids', except replace 'dynosaur' with 'automobile'.

  2. I witnessed some of this when I babysat him last month. There was a Chrysler parked in front of out house and later when it was gone he said "Becki, where did that Chrysler go?" Too funny.


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