Thursday, February 26, 2009

Berenisms (the pic is from when he was 3; don't panic)

On the way into the house after school I had several bags of groceries in my hands and also the keys. Beren tried to take the keys from me to open the door, but I declined because it takes him forever:
"Thank you Beren, that's very nice of you, but I think I'd rather open it myself."
"I wasn't doing it to be helpful, Mom," he informed me coldly. "I just want to get into the darn house."

This morning Beren was playing a game on the computer called "Microbe Combat" which sparked a discussion about diseases and how our body fights them. Eventually, the the topic of vacinations came up.
Mom: So that's why I take you to get shots. To let your body have a chance to develop a weapon against serious illnesses before it has to send its white blood cell soldiers to fight those germs for real."
Beren: Well, I get it, but I don't like shots at all. If you're gonna take me to the doctor, I want surgury. Like when I broke my arm. They let me have a popsickle that night in the hospital. You know, I kind of like medical places!


  1. How are you gonna keep up with that boy as he gets older? What a whiz kid!

  2. lol! That was kinda like Jacob - even though when we took him in for stitches on his lip a few weeks back and they had to stitch it (with only a local,by the way), he was still wanting to go back to the hospital when his ear was hurting two weeks later.


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