Saturday, June 7, 2008

Girls Night Out!

So these chicks are my homies from the Yamhill Ward. We've been through a lot together . . . Sunday school, seminary, high school, and in some cases, college. Amazingly, we were all together in one place and are still so smokin', how could we not get together? Going clockwise from the left this is Sara Walker, Sarah Webster, Mindy Judd, Me, and Rachel Rollins (Rachel made me swear I would post that she is prego in this pic). So is Sarah (Blanchard) Webster., but more newly so.


  1. So I just have to say that I love your blog and I would love to get to talk to your boy about anythig! He sounds hysterical. Of course he is your child so what should I expect. By the time I want to be in the middle for the picture. I look just as pregnant as Rachel!

  2. ...what the?! I have that same shirt! Crazy.

  3. Hey, i recognize that bunch!! Look like you had a blast. :-) Happy belated birthday to Beren - and did you manage to wrestle your print away from Carrie? ;-)

  4. My son cracks me up--I love being his mother--Sara you look fine--seriously.

    I love that shirt. Good taste!

    Carrie has disappeared into the high hills with my print. If I see it on ebay she's dead meat;).

  5. Heather! Wow! I found our blog through Becki's blog. So nice to look at all your pictures! How have you been.. you look great. how's the ward? Well.. love to here from you.. take care
    Andrea S


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