Sunday, June 29, 2008

Berenisms: Consumer Reports

It's that time again. Time to replace our tired old cars, or at least one of them. Heather picked up the latest edition of Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide. I kid you not, Beren has read that guide EASILY 10 times more than Heather and I put together. And, since he can actually read, and not just look at the pictures, he takes great pleasure in letting people know how desirable their cars are. We've had several talks about how it is not appropriate to tell Brother Soandso that their Chevy whatever is a terrible car because the 2005 redesign introduced clumsy handling and a harsh ride.. When he discovered that Grandma's car was a Consumer Reports 'best bet', he had to call her that night and share the great news.

He's 5. FIVE. As in one year for every finger on your right hand (based on the average hand, actual finger counts may vary).

What have we gotten ourselves into? I can only hope he'll use his powers for good.


  1. heeheeheehee I also hope he uses his powers for good, you don't want a mastermind like that running around on the loose. Hope to see you guys again soon.

  2. holy cow batman! what kind of five year old can read consumer reports! Amazing

  3. What a laugh!! Beren is SO GREAT


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