Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Got Costume Party?

Michelle "Paris" Linton (with child) and her insecurity guard (Freeman)
Conrad and Lisa "giddyup" James

A man and his pregnant cat. Don't cover up the prego! Embrace the prego! (Elana and Nathan Nordstrom)

Brian "the climber" Bowlsby and his Punkin' (you see what I did here with the double entendre?)
PS - Pregnant, the third (with twins!)

Uncle Scott, the sage.... that cloak looks familiar... and that staff... all very familiar...

She's smiling cause she just whacked him in the head. He's smiling cause he thinks he's a dolphin now. (Dave and Becky Brallier)

Eric, the brigand and her majesty, the queen of 21658 SE Oak.


  1. I want to come to a party at your house! :( I'm feeling way to nostalgic for Oregon and the Mowrers today.

  2. Oh man. That should be "too" not "to". See, I need Heather around to help me with my grammar!


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