Monday, October 29, 2007

Christmas Wishlists

Because some of you have asked . . .here are the items on our santa lists this year:
(used items are okay)

- A race track set that allows him to race two cars against each other. This could be circular or straight, loops and underpasses welcome, but not required.
- A clip-on tie and white shirt for church (probably size 6) He wants a tie like Daddy. His favorite color is green, but any color is fine.
- Thomas the train: Quarry mine tunnel, load and sort recycling center, or Sodor engine wash building.
- Kidizoom Camera from V-tech (This is expensive($60), or other knock-off brand kids' camera for less. We saw several at Toys-R-Us.
- Any kind of metal car where the doors and trunk and (dare we hope it?) the hood open. Beren loves to "fiddle" with these things and the more detailed the better.
- Any kind of "city" play set that has road signs (yield, stop, merge) and safety cones etc. He really likes setting these up himself and maneuvering traffic around them.

- Cuisinart (knock-off brand okay, just something that is large and lets me chop, dice, slice, grate etc.)
- Raquetball and tennisball pressurized storage cans (keeps balls from going flat)
- Covers for raquetball and tennis raquets
- Long sports duffle for transporting raquetball and tennis gear
- Gift card for "Napster" or simlar website that allows me to download MP3's to my fake I-pod. NOT I-tunes! They won't work on my fake-pod.
- Cherry wood curio cabinet with glass front door. (see example pic) I want to mount this on my wall and change the knick-knacks inside to go with the seasons. I think it will be fun to create a new display every couple of months and to select little miniatures that I like. One with a variety of shelf sizes would be good. That way I can get different sized figurines.

- Please see Eric's wish list on Board Game geek to know what he most desires. He LOVES games. He does not care if that is all he gets for Christmas. Really. Most games can be obtained at "" or "" or "" They also do gift certificates. Here is the link to his Board Game Geek wishlist: click here
- Note from Eric: I'm really just thrilled to recieve anything at all for Christmas. *blush*

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