Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Comments Now Restricted

The spammers finally got us on their list and now I get more posts in Chinese than from you loyal followers. Some might say that's because we only have like... 5 loyal followers, but I say... never mind about that. The spammers are now shut out. I will accept membership requests from anybody Heather or I have ever heard of or suspect we know either directly or via a mutual friend.


  1. Um . . . how are they supposed to contact us to be on our "allowed" list? We need to send out a general email or something I think.

  2. They don't. All comments come to me for moderation. If it's from someone I know and is appropriate, I'll send it through.


We have to moderate comments due to Chinese spammers. Otherwise, they would be unmoderated. Sorry about the inconvenience, we hope you still feel like it's worth the trouble to comment anyway!