Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beren's Summer Activities and a Berenism

Beren has become a business man. When I asked him what he wanted to do this summer he said, "Run a lemonade stand and go camping. (We're camping next weekend). We set up our stand in front of a business near our neighborhood (with permission, of course). We hoped to hail passing cars, but they were all going too fast. Fortunately we did get a good showing from friends who'd I'd sent an annoucement email to. Beren made a little over $20.00 and got to practice his customer service and change-making skills. Next time, I'll let him enjoy the full full experience by teaching him about gross and net. This time, I just didn't have the heart. He was so tickled with his little hoard of cash; kept running around with it and giggling like a maniac.

Beren got to go to a very cool birthday party on Monday for his friend, Madeline. It started with a tour of a fire station and ended with lunch and games at Chucky Cheese's.

It was morning. The child was moving like molasses. I was frustrated:
Mom: Beren, get dressed.
Beren: I keep getting interrupted.
Mom: (exasperated)By yourself!
Beren: Yes. My imagination and brain.
Mom: Well turn it off!
Beren: I can't! I don't know where they hid my off switch!


  1. Beren is getting tall!! He looks so snazzy at the stand:)

  2. Hee hee! I love your Berenisms!

  3. ...and he is but a child! What will the next few years bring?


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