Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peaches! Victory!

The fact that these golden bottles of summer exist is a miracle considering what we went through to get them. There are too many obstacles to list but some of the highlights include crazed, greedy U-pickers and racoon attacks. Nevertheless, we have prevailed. My mom gave me the jars, my mother-in-law provided the equipment and expertise, and behold! I may now rest easy is the halls of my canning crazy ancestors.


  1. I am impressed. I did peaches a couple of years ago and UGH it was sooo hard! I'm wondering if I have it in me to do grape juice out of the 2 tonnes of grapes in my yard. Do I, Heather? Do I?

  2. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!
    You rock Leah. There is nothing you can't do. But seriously, one thing a year. Our grandparents must have been superhuman (or motivated by a fear of starvation that I find it utter impossible to conjure up when standing in front of my burgeoning cupboards).

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  4. WOW Heather, WELL DONE - I would love more details on the "obstacles" haha... RACOONS? I miss U-picking with you!!


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