Monday, September 3, 2007


With the 'dangerous' bees incident behind us, we did what any self-respecting parents would do in this situation,... we decided to tease Beren about wild amimals (that's his world for Animals).

Beren: What are some wild amimals, Dad?
Me: Well,... there are bunnies....
Beren: No, you silly! Bunnies are NOT dangerous!
Me: Oh,... well,... let's see... there are chipmunks...
Beren: Yeah, chipmunks!


  1. Heather-
    I am assuming you mean we both know the Woolners, Higginbothams, and James' right?
    Woolners we met at a get together of a mutual friend (Plus, EVERYONE knows Chad and Amber)
    I met Leah at the library, stake get togethers, and a party at Amber's.
    The James' I invited them to sit with us at the stake Valentines dance.

  2. Impressive! The Missionaries could take a lesson on how to meet and influence people ;).


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