Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zebra Booty

Soooo I'm going to Girl's Camp as a counselor next week. It is pretty much taking me an entire week to pack. I'm doing other things, but mostly they are just interruptions of the packing. Like today Beren and I went to a Pirate rock concert for kids. That was good times. I'll try to post some pictures later. We got all decked out like groupies. Pretty rad. The name of my unit at camp is "Zazzy Zebras." We actually picked this. (The camp theme is "Welcome to the Jungle." Actually though, I think zebras are more fond of the savannah. Anyway . . .) I don't think "zazzy" is even a word. I championed "Zesty," but the adolescents shot me down. "Zesty" is funny; like salad dressing or a beverage with a splash of lime. The thought of this adjective applied to striped, safari equine amuses me in ways I can't explain. It did not strike a similar chord with my charges. My goal at camp is to define "zazzy" once and for all. Root: pizazz? sassy? I'll probably have to conduct interviews. You may receive a phone call.


  1. Actually, a Zazzy is the electric scooter zebras ride around in when they get old and immobile.

  2. Thanks Leah! That saves so much time. Course it kind of diminishes our camp name. Old? Immobile? Maybe by the end of the week, but surely not the beginning :).

  3. Pirate rock concert, eh?

    wouldn't perhaps have been Captain Bogg and Salty, eh?

    yarr...i know those fine fellows....

    most of them are friends of my sister...

    other side note: the big guy is andy lindberg, who was in the movie Stand By Me...

  4. Yeah, it was Captain Bogg and Salty. They were great! What did Andy do in "Stand by me?"


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