Friday, June 8, 2007

Old Maid

We played the game of Old Maid with Beren for the first time yesterday. Can't say it's the best game I've ever played. It's 100% luck driven... well if you don't factor in cheating. I suppose there is maybe a minuscule amount of reading faces and 'knowing your competition', but still.

Anyway, what is my point?... Ah yes. Beren did a really good job. Usually he's horrible at any game that requires him to have information that only he is supposed to know... like... i dunno... hide and seek (Mr. "I'm over here" as soon as you walk into the room)... or... I Spy (Again "I spy something green... it's the Geo"). He didn't disappoint during the first game when he told us all he had the Old Maid card, but by game three he actually had it down. Not only did he not tell us that he had it, but he DREW it and kept a perfectly straight face. Well done, Beren.

More importantly than any of that, he's turning out to be a really good winner/loser. He lost twice yesterday and there was nothing but good times. I guess he got his mom's genes there... I'm just sayin'...


  1. yes, now you need to learn that from him. ;) j/k

  2. Since I've started playing you, Sam, I haven't had much chance to practice my losing skills. Ohhhhh, BURN!!!

    (And you pipe down, Brallier, or I'll come over and show little Sam how to use his new hammer... on the TV.)

  3. not true, not true... i did WAY better than you in that last game of Shocking Roulette we played!


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